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Safe ayurvedic remedy
of allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis | Nasal allergy | Sinus Symptoms

  • Too much sneezing
  • Itchy, runny nose or blocked nose
  • Red, itchy, watery eyes
  • Ringing sounds in the ears or blockage
  • Falling of mucous (Kapha) in the throat
  • Heaviness on the face between the eyes, Headache

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Arogyam is India’s 1st Ayurvedic hospital which has treated thousands of such patients in the last 20 years and presented scientific research papers in European Academy of Ayurveda. Arogyam chief Ayurveda acharya Dr. Harveen Kaur and Dr. Satnam Singh were honoured as V.I.P. speakers in British Parliament

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There are many allergy medicines available in the market, using which the cold or nasal allergy is cured for some time. But those medicines are only a temporary solution. That medicine can never end your problem forever.

It is usually seen that patients with allergic rhinitis have to eat one or two pills daily, If they stop eating the pills, then their problem returns again.Due to prolonged use of such medicines, it weakens the digestive system, which causes more diseases in our body. It has been found in many research, that using Allopathic medicines of any kind of allergy for a long time also weakens mental power.

nasal drippage, nasal congestion, allergic nose, continuous cough, etc. are the main symptoms of allergic rhinitis.Permanent treatment of allergic rhinitis is only in Ayurveda. Consumption of medicines made by Arogyam will eliminate the problem of allergic rhinitis and will never come back. The most important thing is that Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects, so therefore the consumption of these medicines will not have any bad effect on your body. Sinus treatment in ayurveda 

What causes Allergic Rhinitis?

  • March-April and September-October months are harvesting seasons when farm dust is abundance in the air that irritate nose’s internal layers hence too much mucous production and too much sneezing occurs which causes allergic rhinitis.
  • When the weather changes from hot to cold and cold to hot, allergy increases.
  • Perfume smell and smell of tadka of cooking causes allergy of the nose. sinus problems Symptoms
  • Rainy seasons, old cupboards, windows have humidity which increases the allergic rhinitis because of high levels of moulds spores in the air. cold Allergy Symptoms . sinuses treatment
  • March-April i.e. spring season when flowers blossom, pollen spores i.e powder-like material from the flowers, increases in the air and go in the nose and irritate nasal membranes causing mucous (Kapha) production and sneezing. allergic rhinitis symptoms
  • Untreated allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy) can cause wheezing sounds in the chest hence can cause asthma. Allergic rhinitis Causes

Best Home Remedy of allergic Rhinitis

  • Put desi cows’ ghee 2-2 drops in both the nostrils which will make a protective layer in the nose and will not allow allergens to come in contact with the nasal membrane. It will relieve sneezing and mucous production . Allergic Rhinitis Treatment in ayurveda  
  • Do Bhastrika Pranayama every day: best yoga technique. allergic treatment 
  • Stop taking cold and sour foods like oranges, lemons, cold water etc.

Allergic Rhinitis Care Pack Products

Formulated by Arogyam’s M.D. Ayurveda Doctors

Arogyam U.R.T Capsules

This is a unique mix of Ayurvedic herbs and ras aushadis listed in Ayurvedic texts. allergic rhinitis treatment

Curcumin Tablet

The tab is known for its potent herbal antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps enhance the immunity and hence treat allergic disorders

Chitrakharitki Avleha

It is an avleha mentioned in Ayurvedic texts, which helps in balancing the jatharagni and three doshas in a samyak avstha. It reduces allergy signs. Nasal allergy saymptoms


Arogyam U.R.T Capsules

(60 caps 1 bottle) 2 caps in the morning + 2 caps in the afternoon + 2 caps in the evening after the meal with warm water

Chitrakharitki Avleha

1 teaspoon twice daily with warm water

Curcumin Tablet

1 tab in the morning after meal + 1 tab in the evening after meal

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Understand the root-cause of your Eczema problems.