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Marma Remedy

Marma is the essential areas of the body. The phrase marma comes from Sanskrit starting place phrase ‘mri’ meaning dying. The Sanskrit word, ‘marayate iti marmani’, additionally way dying or severe damage to frame or health after infliction to the point in their scenario. As a result, those regions are referred to as marma. In siddha machine of natural herbs, they are referred to as varma.

Marma in Sanskrit approach is hidden or mystery. With the aid of definition, a marma point is a junction on the body where or extra styles of tissue meet, which includes muscle tissues, veins, ligaments, bones or joints.

Class of Marma

when a marma point is injured, because of the spontaneous lack of prana vayu, death is positive.

those marmas result in kalanthara (slow) loss of existence (pranahara), after a lapse of a few time.

the phrase shalya refers to a foreign frame. While a foreign frame pierces these varieties of marma, the injured person survives as long as the overseas body stays on the location of harm. However, on removal, it effects in dying of the person.

these kinds of marma whilst subjected to injury, reason deformity of those organs which can be depending on that precise marma for his or her strength distribution. The phrases vikalya or vaikalya method deformity.

Those marmas neither bring about deformity nor cause loss of life, but outcomes in excruciating pain (ruja), while injured

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