Kumkaran – Instant Natural Sleep


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  • Kumkaran table causes instant sleep naturally.
  • It helps in quitting chemical sedatives.
  • Best alternative to sedatives.
  • Provide restful and deep sleep.
  • Keep disturbed sleep cycle back to normal (Jet Lag).
  • Kumkaran is the formulation of natural food supplements with no side effects.
  • This is non-addictive.
  • Helpful in stress, overthinking & mood elevation.
  • Improves concentration & memory
  • Increase Immunity


Kumkaran tablet is a food supplement created to put your sleep cycle back to normal. It enhances the sleeping experience thus providing instant restful deep sleep. This product is so wisely created and formulated that it can replace the addiction to harmful chemical-based medicines. It is non-addiction-forming and has no medicinal side effects. It is made from natural, pure substances. The content and dosage has been formulated by M.D Ayurveda doctors with exceptional expertise in this field.


┬áMelatonin: As a matter of fact, melatonin is a hormone in the human body that is secreted by the brain, in a gland named “Pineal Gland”. Melatonin is the key suspect behind the process of the Sleep & Wake Upcycle. As a regular dietary supplement, it is used for the treatment of Insomnia, such a form as jet lag or disturbed sleep cycle. This is a natural hormone that works more efficiently in a darker environment.

5HTP: Primararly promotes sleep by Increasing Melatonin Production. It promotes a positive mood by encouraging serotonin release. The hype in serotonin levels are responsible for improving mental health to a tremendous extent & it aids one to deal with emotional issues like Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression. It can also aid in Weight Loss as it increases the feeling of fullness, and may also improve the condition of fibromyalgia which is a condition characterized as pain in bone and Muscle. Apart from these side benefits, it can also help reduce migraine frequency.

┬áL Theanine: It is an Amino acid analogue of the Amino Acid “Proteinogenic” which is fundamentally found in a particular plant, like green, black tea. it is said to help ease anxiety, stress and reduce insomnia, Increased focus, and attention, better immunity & blood pressure management.

  • Preservative free
  • Sugar-free
  • Gluten-free
  • SOY-free
  • GMP certified
  • ISO certified

Dosage: Kumkaran is in a chewable tablet form whose recommended intake is to take 1 tablet before going to bed at night time only or as directed by a dietician.

3 reviews for Kumkaran – Instant Natural Sleep

  1. Riya Singh (verified owner)

    Kumkaran is the plan of regular food supplements with no incidental effects . By the way This Product Ayurvedic Its Good I like This

  2. Muktesh Sharma

    Hey Every One I Used This Product This Product is Awesome such a this Product are work

  3. Manpreet Kaur (verified owner)

    Such a Good Product i used this Thank-you so Much Arogyam Ayurveda

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