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Sicknesses are brought on because of asatmya – indriya – artha – samyoga i.e. no longer the use of the 5 experience organs in the appropriate manner, i.e. wrong use, excessive use, or disuse. Pragyaparadha refers to intellectual blaspheme because of this indulging in incorrect matters understanding thoroughly that it ends in the destruction of Health. Parinama because of these diseases because of seasonal versions or modifications.
For making analysis 5 points are required to be studied intensively.
  • Hetu - the causative elements
  • Purvarupa - the premonitory signs
  • Rupa - the symptoms
  • Samprapthi - the pattern of mixture of the vitiated doshas
  • Upasaya - reaction of medicaments

Arogyam Ayurveda

Arogyam is India’s first Multispecialty Ayurvedic hospital since 1999 specializing in the treatment of various chronic diseases and with the help of natural herbs.


It goes without pronouncing that the first-rate remedy is nidana parivarjana i.e., to abstain from the causative factors.

There are four components of Ayurveda treatment called chikitsa chatushpad. They’re the medical doctor, nurse and the affected person herself/himself. The health practitioner should learn practical knowledge. He should be kind and now not grasping of wealth. The herbal products must be of proper quality or verified efficacy. The nurse ought to be kind, skilled and easy. the affected person should be obedient and trust in the doctor chargeable for remedy. Consistent with Ayurveda, the health practitioner must now not hesitate to analyze, even though it is something Widespread coming from an enemy.

The Ayurvedic treatment includes three factors:
  • Ahara - meals.
  • Vihara - intellectual and physical conduct.
  • Aushadha - remedy

Ayurvedic remedy covers the widest feasible prophylactic and therapeutic tactics viz., use of a herbal product (aushadha), weight-reduction plan (pathya) and practices (vihara) prescribed at the same time and opposite to the cause of the sickness. Opposite to the ailment itself or opposite to each the cause and the disorder constitutes treatment.

The remedy is of kinds

Swasthasyaurjakara the remedy which promotes and safeguards the existing health. For instance, aphrodisiac and geriatric remedy. Aturasyaroganut the treatment for the sick. It covers prophylactic and healing natural herbs.

The remedy in Ayurveda is executed through two methods:
1. Shodhana is the cleansing or removing the morbid elements from the frame by way of the five purificatory methods. That is achieved in 3 levels Viz., pre-operative, operative and post-operative. The pre-operative level is the oleation and sudation remedy. In this phase the affected person is given numerous medicated sneha (lubricants- ghee, oils, fat and marrow) internally and externally, and diverse kinds of sudations are achieved. By way of those approaches, the morbid factors are loosened and removed or brought to the stomach or the standard canal.
This is accompanied by using operative stage wherein loosened morbid doshas are eliminated by means of following Modalities:
  • Vamana – Emesis
  • Virechana – Purgation
  • Nashya – Nasal Inhalations
  • Vasti – Medicated Retention Enemata
  • Raktamokshana – Bloodletting and Cupping
The put up-operative stage is the gradual management of food from simple gruel to strong meals.

2. Shamana (palliative treatment) that is accomplished through food plan manage, fasting, exposing to sun rays and wind, numerous sporting events, yoga and natural herbs.