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Safe Ayurvedic
treatment of Hay Fever

Hay Fever

Characterized by way of an exaggerated immune reaction to environmental triggers, hay fever is an allergic ailment. For example pollen, ragweed, and cats etc. It’s also called allergic rhinitis.

There are types of hay fever

  • Seasonal: it occurs only during the time of 12 months in which positive plants pollinate, and
  • Perennial: it takes place year-round.

Normally, if one suffers from hay fever inside the spring, they’re likely allergic to tree Pollens. In autumn, one may additionally get plagued through weed, and fungus spores purpose problems usually from late march through november however may be present 12 months spherical.

Human beings with perennial hay fever are normally allergic to at least one or extra allergens found interior which includes house dust mites, feathers, and animal dander (the tiny pores and skin flakes animals such as cats and dogs shed at the side of fur), all of which may be located in pillows, and Bedding, heavy draperies, upholstery, and carpeting. Another not unusual allergen, mould, is generally found in damp regions along with toilets and basements.

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  • Itchy, red, watery eyes
  • Nasal itching, too much sneezing, runny nose
  • Postnasal drip
  • Headache
  • common in spring seasons when flowers blossom and pollens from the flowers are high in concentration in the air
  • Congestion, sinus pressure

Easy domestic remedies for hay fever

  • Start your day via setting 2-2 drops of cow’s ghee in the nose every morning.
  • Cows ghee creates a huge barrier on the pinnacle of the nasal mucosa. this doesn't permit allergens to enter the mucosa. you may also practice cow’s ghee together with your finger.
  • Do yoga pranayama Every morning.
  • Tivarbhastrika pranayam.
  • Take your dosage on time.
  • You may take allopathic remedy alongside ayurvedic merchandise as wished.
  • Keep away from sour, bloodless, and fried ingredients. additionally, keep away from rajma, black dal, cold liquids, rice, and banana.
  • Rinse your nostrils with saline(salt) water before going to bed.


From the perspective of Ayurveda, it is prompted due to toxins (ama) inside the frame and additionally because of low immunity of the body. Extra accumulation of pollutants (ama), aggravates the tiers of undesired Kapha (water) within the body, leading to exclusive signs of allergic reactions. Panchakarma therapies including Nasya are advocated to pacify irritated doshas and to lessen allergy and detoxify the nasal canal.

Arogyam provides hay fever reaction care pack that combines special herbs in their purest shape. Due to which, we’re able to prepare the best first-rate herbs for patients tormented by hay fever allergic reaction. Our M.D. Ayurveda doctors with their enormous revel in getting ready ayurvedic treatments to swear by way of the care pack as cited under:

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Understand the root-cause of your Eczema problems.

Understand the root-cause of your Eczema problems.

    Products of Hay Fever Care Pack

    Arogyam U.R.T Tablets

    These help in getting alleviation from the sneezing, allergic rhinitis, and hay fever signs. Additionally, they help in lowering the scale of nasal polyps and creates stability inside the immune gadget against

    Chitrakharitki Avleha

    This reduces the signs of hay fever symptoms. It is an ancient formula for improving digestion and treating chronic respiratory conditions. 

    A.R Ghee

    It is a combination of cow’s ghee and anu tailam. This herbal oil can be disbursed into the nostrils to fight towards hypersensitive reactions. It adds a barrier on the pinnacle of nasal mucosa to save you the entry of allergens to the nostrils.


    Chitrakharitki Avleha

    1 teaspoon twice each day with warm water.

    A.R Ghee

    Placed 2-2 drops of Indian breed desi cow ghee in nostrils each morning.

    Arogyam U.R.T Pills

    (60capsules, 1 bottle) 2 caps inside the morning + 2 caps inside the midday + 2 caps within the evening after meals with warm water.