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Safe Ayurvedic treatment of Urticaria


Due to an allergic reaction to a drug or food, infections and/or stress, crimson and every now and then itchy bumps at the pores and skin can also appear. They are referred to as hives. Allergies motive body to launch immune chemical compounds that can make the pores and skin swell up in hives. Human beings who’ve different hypersensitive reactions are more likely to get hives than other folks who do no longer have as many or no allergic reactions.

There are two forms of urticaria

1. Acute urticaria : it will become obtrusive a few minutes after the man or woman has been uncovered to an allergen. the outbreak may additionally last numerous weeks, however, normally the hives are long past in six weeks. It’s far characterized with the aid of the presence of wheals which completely solve inside six weeks.

2. Persistent urticaria (everyday urticaria) : it is one of the extra intense continual instances in which the wheels may be a gift beyond a variety of six weeks up to extra than 20 years before it’s miles long gone.


  • Appear as small round wheals, rings or patches and might trade shape.
  • Itching can be accompanied by way of a purple flare.
  • Regularly seem at the face or the extremities.
  • Every now and then it may additionally final from half-hour to 36 hours. As some patches disappear, new patches may additionally develop.

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Chronic Urticaria and Physical Urticaria?

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Urticaria is a type of skin allergy caused by the discharge of histamine and other chemical compounds from
underneath the skin’s floor, inflicting the tissues to swell.

Home Remedies for allergic urticaria remedy

  • Drink warm water often in small quantity.
  • Eat fruits like guava, papaya, pear, peach, and apple, and many others.
  • Devour boiled veggies.
  • Do Pranayam each morning for at the least 10-15 mins.
  • Decide on eating home-cooked meals. avoid spicy ingredients like pickles, kidney beans, black dal, arbi, woman finger. Limit intake of foods which include rice, banana, buttermilk, curd, fried, and fast ingredients.
  • Use slight, glycerine based totally soaps like pears and moisturising soaps like dove.
  • As soon as in a per week, blend mustard oil with curd, and observe it on the frame. After 10 mins, take a bath with cleaning soap.
  • Once in a week, mix lemon juice with curd, practice it at the scalp. leave it applied for 10 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.
  • Wash garments properly in warm water and dry them beneath the solar.
  • Keep away from applying talc, perfumes, deodorants, roll-ons, and hair dyes at once at the pores and skin.
  • Attempt to update frame creams with coconut oil.

Ayurvedic treatment of allergic urticaria

Ayurvedic products offer an extra holistic approach for urticaria or hives treatment by using prescribing the practice of shodhana and Sanshman chikitsa together. Our doctors diligently and consistently work to treat sufferers of allergic urticaria. Arogyam is specialized in healing allergies with fulfilment span of two decades and hundreds of happy sufferers in India in addition to abroad.

Some risks factors

  • An allergy to meals, which includes peanuts, shellfish, prawns, eggs and cheese.
  • An allergy to environmental factors inclusive of pollen, dust mites or chemical compounds.
  • An allergy to latex, which may be common trouble in healthcare employees.
  • Infections, that may vary from exceptionally trivial together with a chilly to very critical which include hive.
  • Insect bites and stings.
  • Emotional strain.
  • Physical triggers, together with pressure to the pores and skin, alternate in temperature, daylight, Exercising or water.

Maintain a Dairy

Music all of your activities, while and in which hives occur, and what you devour. This will help you and your physician pick out triggers. Avoid Products that may cause urticaria which could encompass aspirin, ibuprofen (advil, motrin, others), naproxen sodium (aleve, anaprox, others), codeine or any other medicinal drug that you’ve observed can cause your hives.

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Understand the root-cause of your Eczema problems.

Understand the root-cause of your Eczema problems.

    Urticaria Care Pack


    It’s miles a mixture of herbs that assist clear the blood of allergic pollutants which can damage our skin. D.S.A has shown terrific consequences in sufferers of urticaria.

    Khadiradi Vati

    Khadira is a single herb which is thought to make the pores and skin clean of harmful pollution. It also enables lessen itching inside the patients as properly.

    Lippu Ointment

    It allows cherish the skin, lessens redness and itching, and clear it of pollution. It has a soothing impact on the skin.

    Arogya Urticaria Skin Pack

    Pores and skin pack has objects like bakuchi, manjishtha, and neem inside the herbal shape which help remedy the pores and skin locally and make it clean.


    Khadiradi Vati

    1 tab in the morning and 1 tab in the evening with warm water


    5 gm in the morning – 5 gm in the evening with warm water

    Urtiplex Lotion

    Arogyam skin pack has gadgets like bakuchi, manjishtha, and neem in the herbal form which assist therapy the skin domestically and make it clean.

    Curcumin Pill

    1 tab in the morning after meal + 1 tab in the evening after meal.