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In Ayurveda, Shamana and Sadhana are the two predominant traces of management of internal Illnesses

  • Shamana : subsides the vitiated dosha without eliminating them from the frame.
  • Sodhana removes the vitiated dosha out of the body and is considered management of choice on the premise of the non-recurrence.

Incidence of dosha subsided or relieved by Shamana treatment, may additionally every so often recur, however dosha eliminated by way of sodhana treatment aren’t probable to reason the disorder once more

There are 5 healing measures which can be utilized for remedy of vitiated dosha, consequently sodhana is likewise Known as panchakarma (fivefold remedy). the 5 measures are:

  • Vamana (emesis remedy)
  • Virecana (purgation therapy)
  • Anuvasana basti (oily enema remedy)
  • Asthapana or niruha basti (decoction enema therapy)
  • Sirovirecana (nasal insufflation therapy)

Arogyam Ayurveda

Arogyam is India’s first Multispecialty Ayurvedic hospital since 1999 specializing in the treatment of various chronic diseases and with the help of natural herbs.

A number of the ayurvedic authors don’t forget anuvasana and asthapana basti as one and encompass raktamokṣaṇa (bloodletting) in panchakarma. In this manner, in their opinion, sodhana techniques are vamana, virecana, basti, sirovirecana, and raktamokṣaṇa (bloodletting).

Snehana and svedana, together called Purva karma, are considered to be necessary before starting the panchakarma. Post panchakarma, the patient is steadily allowed to preserve his every day habitual of weight-reduction plan and duties are also known as Pascata karma. Samsarjana karma is the nutritional regime prescribed after panchakarma

Panchakarma remedy promotes health and both prevention and therapy of the ailment. Vamana karma is unique for removal of vitiated Kapha, Virecana for vitiated pitta and basti is nice for the removal of vitiated vata.