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Vamana is considered qualified for the removal of morbid and accelerated Kapha, and hence for treating the problems of Kapha. It removes the doṣha through the belly with the aid of vomiting and needs to commonly accept after acting Snehana and Svedana.

Bloodless (pīnasa), pores and skin diseases (kuṣṭha), recent fever, Cough (okayāsa), breathlessness (śvāsa), sicknesses of the throat, enlargement of the thyroid (galagaṇḍa), elephantiasis (ślīpada), urinary problems (prameha), dwindled digestive strength (mandāgni), indigestion, acute and chronic poisoning (viṣa), bleeding from decrease part of the body (adhoga-rakta-pitta), piles, nausea, anorexia (aruci), scrofula, epilepsy (apasmāra), madness (unmāda), diarrhoea (atisāra), oedama (śopha), anaemia (pāṇḍu), stomatitis, stanya-doṣa and disorders of Kapha are the conditions wherein Vamana remedy is indicated.

Arogyam Ayurveda

Arogyam is India’s first Multispecialty Ayurvedic hospital since 1999 specializing in the treatment of various chronic diseases and with the help of natural herbs.
Nasya (medication through nose)

Remedy through nostril is worth of point out as this method has been observed to be very effective. The expert physician should administer dravya for bṛṁhaṇa, śodhana and śamana through the nose for the well being the organs of the illnesses of ear, nose, throat and the mind (urdhajatru-gatavyādhi). Sodhana is suggested in stiffness, numbness, heaviness and comparable signs acting in the urdhajatru due to Kapha. Tarpaṇa is especially suitable for soothing in sicknesses like śiraskampa, ardita and other sicknesses because of vāta. Samananasya is useful in bleeding etc.

5 strategies of nasya

  • Inunction (nāvana)
  • Instillation of nasal drops (avapīḍana)
  • Inhalation (dhūmra)
  • Topical application (pratimarśa).